Beyma 8BR40/N - 8 inch 50W 8 Ohm
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Beyma 8BR40/N - 8" 50W 8 Ohm
SPL: 91.0dB Fs: 30Hz Xmax: 6.0mm
Product Code: BMA8BR40N | Brand: Beyma
Beyma 8BR40/N - 8 inch 50W 8 Ohm
£41.76 ex VAT
2-3 £48.47 ea.4-7 £47.74 ea.8+ £46.75 ea.
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Beyma 8BR40/N - 8" 50W 8 Ohm

This 8" bass and mid bass loudspeaker has been specifically designed to deliver exceptional low and mid frequency reproduction, with high sensitivity and extremely low distortion. It incorporates a curvilinear cone attached to a rubber surround, in order to provide suspension stability and to allow maximum excursion linearity. By combining a powerful magnet construction with a cast aluminium basket, this model achieves high power capacity, and consequently, contributes to reduce the thermal power compression.


  • Power capacity 50 W RMS
  • Nominal diameter 200 mm 8 in
  • Nominal impedance 8 ohm
  • Minimum impedance 6.4 ohm
  • Program power 100 W
  • Sensitivity 91 dB 1 W @ 1m @ 2%u03A0
  • Frequency range 30-6000 Hz
  • Recommended enclosure volume 20 / 60 l 0.7 / 2.12 cu ft
  • Voice coil diameter 25.4 mm 1 in
  • BL factor 6.8 N /A
  • Moving mass 0.021 kg
  • Winding length 16 mm
  • Air gap height 6 mm
  • Xdamage pp 20 mm


  • Fs 30 Hz
  • Re 5.5 ohm
  • Qms 2.1
  • Qes 0.48
  • Qts 0.39
  • Vas 89.1 l
  • Cms 1301 micro m / N
  • Rms 1.99 kg / s
  • Efficiency % 0.5
  • Sd 0.022 sq m
  • Xmax 6 mm
  • Vd 147 cu cm
  • Le @1 kHz 0.5 mH


  • Net weight 1.36 kg 2.99 lb
  • Total weight 1.55 kg 3.41 lb
  • Magnet Ferrite
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Delivery Info for Beyma 8BR40/N - 8 inch 50W 8 Ohm  to locations in Europe
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