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Tuff Cab
Tuff Cab Speaker Cabinet Paint - Black 5Kg
Standard Glossy version
Product Code: TUFFCAB5BK | Brand: Tuff Cab
£35.00 ex VAT

2-3 £41.00 ea.4-7 £40.00 ea.8+ £39.50 ea.
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£9.35 DELIVERY to mainland UK

Tuff Cab Speaker Cabinet Paint - Black 5Kg

► High viscosity paint designed for a textured finish
► Tough, Durable and Attractive finish
► High Water Resistance once cured - suitable for outdoor use
► Easy to apply using a standard roller - no specialist equipment required
► Remains flexible when cured, with a high level of scratch resistance
► Environmentally friendly - water based formulation - contains no harmful solvents
► Dries at room temperature - with crosslinking acrylic polymers which strengthen over time
► Suitable for use on porous surfaces such as dry wood, plywood, and MDF
► No primer required - paint straight onto bare wood
► Ideal for speaker cabinet builders, from small DIY to large scale manufacturers
► Available in a range of colours, and Standard (glossy) or Pro (satin-matt) finish

Tuff Cab ® is a paint which has been specifically formulated to give a hard-wearing, durable, professional and attractive finish to loudspeakers. The coating is flexible yet scratch-resistant, highly durable, and is water-resistant when dry.

Intended for use on bare wood, plywood and MDF without the need for a primer, Tuff Cab ® is easy to use, and a variety of textured finishes can be achieved using standard rollers or HVLP spray systems, without the need for special equipment. Its environmentally friendly water-based composition needs no fume extraction, is easy to clean and dries at room temperature without oven-curing. Full strength is achieved once the paint has fully cured - please refer to datasheet for full details of the curing process. The finished coating can be wiped clean, and minor damage is easy to touch up.

Standard (glossy) and Pro (satin matt) Tuff Cab ® is available in a wide and constantly expanding range of colours, with matches for many professional finishes, and giving the freedom to choose a colour to help your rig stand make an impact and stand out from the crowd - or let your installation subtlely complement its surroundings. Custom colours are available, contact us on to discuss you requirements.

As a water based paint, the density is approximately 1, and 5kg of paint is approximately equal to 5 litres. For packaging purposes, the paint is supplied by weight and not by volume. All water based paints are best stored at normal room temperature, 18°C-21°C is ideal. Minimum long term storage temperature: 5°C, Maximum long term storage temperature: 30°C. Protect from freezing, paint exposed to freezing conditions will be damaged, and will not harden.

Please note the paint container may vary from the image above, translucent containers are primarily used for the coloured paints, but occasionally also for black paint. The majority of stock of black paint comes in standard white tubs.

Read all about Tuff Cab, how to use it, how not to use it, and get some handy tips in our Tuff Cab Article on the Blue Aran Blog


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