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This utility will calculate component values for standard crossovers and filters up to third order. The options available are restricted to the crossover and filter types that can be constructed using Convair Electronics crossover components, these are intended as DIY projects for self-assembly which are supplied in kit form. We can also assemble these for you if required.

Use the drop down boxes to select the type of Low Pass Filter, options available are 1st Order Butterworth, 2nd order Butterworth and 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley. We do not currently support any Low Pass filters above 2nd order.

If you dont require a Low Pass Filter in your circuit, select 'NO Low Pass Filter'

Use the drop down boxes to select the type of High Pass Filter, options available are 1st Order Butterworth, 2nd order Butterworth, 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley and (for some boards only) 3rd order Butterworth. We do not currently support any High Pass filters above 3rd order.

If you dont require a High Pass Filter in your circuit, select 'NO High Pass Filter'

By selecting the appropriate combination of low and high pass filters you can create a low pass only filter, 2 way crossover, or high pass only filter according to your requirements.

Although in most crossovers it is normal to have the high pass and low pass at the same cut-off Frequency (Fc) you can, if required, specify different cut off frequencies for each band.

Impedance defaults to 8 ohms, but you can change this as required.

Click CALC, and our designer will calculate the Capacitor and Inductor values required for the required configuration, and provide you with the relevant circuit diagram. If we have a suitable solution for a DIY kit for you, the appropriate board and parts list will be listed.

Its possible to create an equivalent capacitor by putting multiple capacitors in parallel. This is the best way of getting a close match to the required value as capacitors are only available in preferred values. For example, to get 8.8uF you can use 8.2uF and 0.68uF in parallel to give 8.88uF (which is close enough!) Our current components options feature a maximum capacitance of 15uF - you can of course substitute our suggested capacitor combinations with your own alternatives to achieve the same equivalent capacitance. Some of the 250V Metallised Polypropylene capacitors are slightly oversize for the current version of the boards. In most cases you can use a little creativity to mount the capacitors at an angle, or other non-standard mounting method. The smaller rectangular polyester capacitors fit the boards easily, but typically have 100V or 160V rating, which restricts the overall power handling of the system.

Inductors have been calculated and are available for most standard crossover configurations, common frequencies such as 1.6kHz, 2kHz, 2.5kHz, 3kHz, 5kHz have appropriate inductors available from our standard stock for 2nd order Butterworth crossovers. You may find that if your specifications vary significantly from a common configuration our crossover designer will be unable to find a suitable inductor. DON'T WORRY - we have our own in-house coil winding facility, so in most cases we can provide a custom wound inductor for you. For maximum power handling we utilise 1.4mm diameter copper wire, which keeps the resistance low, but restricts the maximum inductance per inductor. This provides a good solution which keeps power dissipation low in each inductor providing good long term reliability. The inductors come in 3 sizes, 38mm, 50mm and 70mm outside diameter.