P-Audio SN6-200F - 6 inch 200W 8 Ohm
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P-Audio SN6-200F - 6" 200W 8 Ohm
SPL: 94.0dB Fs: 76Hz Xmax: 2.5mm
Product Code: PAUSN6200F | Brand: P-Audio
P-Audio SN6-200F - 6 inch 200W 8 Ohm

P-Audio SN6-200F - 6 inch 200W 8 Ohm P-Audio SN6-200F - 6 inch 200W 8 Ohm P-Audio SN6-200F - 6 inch 200W 8 Ohm 
£34.20 ex VAT
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Stock of P-Audio SN6-200F - 6 inch 200W 8 Ohm 
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DUE April 2021
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P-Audio SN6-200F - 6" 200W 8 Ohm

The P Audio SN6-200F is a high performance wide bandwidth transducer optimized for use in mid bass frequencies. The SN6-200F is an upgraded design that features many of P Audios new technologies and performance upgrades. The 6.5 inch (165mm) diameter piston will produce extremely high sound pressure levels at both low and mid band frequencies and is ideal for high level response in both live sound and recorded music venues. The transducer uses high energy ferrite magnetics to achieve a very high acoustic output to weight ratio. The SN6-200F has been optimized for use in two way or three way sound reinforcement systems and has an operating range of 65Hz to 5000Hz. The SN6-200F features a 2 inch (51.5mm)diameter voice coil that provides an AES rated 200 watts of continuous power handling and a full 800 watts of peak rated power handling when sufficient amplifier headroom is available. The SN6-200F utilizes P Audios Auto Balanced Cooling (ABC) technology to not only improve transducer power handling and reliability but to also increase power compression performance by carefully balancing and directing airflow to critical areas. The voice coil design is a bobbin wound geometry with P Audios copper wire inside/outside wire technology to improve conversion efficiency and provide a large cross-sectional area for superior cooling. The SN6-200F utilizes a very high technology carbon fiber composite cone design to ensure very high rigidity and extended piston range performance. The transducer chassis is a die cast aluminum design that ensures a very high degree of structural integrity.

General Specifications:

  • Nominal diameter - 165 mm/6.5 in
  • Power rating - 200 W(AES)
  • Nominal impedance - 8
  • Sensitivity - 94 dB
  • Frequency range - 65-5000 Hz
  • Chassis type - Cast aluminum
  • Magnet type - Ferrite
  • Magnet weight - 1.2 kg/41.1 oz
  • Voice coil diameter - 51.3 mm/2.0 in
  • Coil material - CCA-R
  • Former material - Glass fiber
  • Cone material - Paper
  • Surround material - Rubber
  • Suspension - Single
  • X-max - 2.5 mm/0.09 in
  • Gap depth - 6 mm/0.24 in
  • Voice coil winding width - 11 mm/0.43 in
  • Net Weight - 2.8 kg/6.2 lb
  • Packing Dimension WxDxH - 180 x 180 x 115 mm
  • Shipping Weight - 3.0 kg/6.6 lb

Small Signal Parameters:

  • Re - 5.0
  • Fs - 76 Hz
  • Mms - 12.75 g/0.45 oz
  • Mmd - 11.65 g/0.41 oz
  • Qms - 3.71
  • Qes - 0.32
  • Qts - 0.29
  • Vas - 11.54 lt/0.41 ft
  • BI - 9.73 Tm
  • Cms - 1.6e-04 m/N
  • Rms - 1.64 Ns/m
  • Le (at 1kHz) - 0.22 mH
  • Sd - 154 cm2
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