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Precision Devices Precision Devices :: Precision Devices Loudspeaker Drivers :: Precision Devices 15 Inch Drivers
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Precision Devices PD.1550 - 15" 600W 8 Ohm
SPL: 97.9dB Fs: 45Hz Xmax: 8.2mm

Precision Devices PD.1550 - 15 inch 600W 8 Ohm - currently in stock10 IN STOCK
Product Code: PDIPD1550-8


Precision Devices PD.153ER - 15" 400W 8 Ohm
SPL: 100.2dB Fs: 44Hz Xmax: 5.7mm

Precision Devices PD.153ER - 15 inch 400W 8 Ohm - currently in stock8+ IN STOCK
Product Code: PDIPD153ER-8


Precision Devices PD.158-4 - 15" 600W 4 Ohm
SPL: 100.2dB Fs: 53Hz Xmax: 6.0mm

Precision Devices PD.158-4 - 15 inch 600W 4 Ohm - currently in stock6 IN STOCK
Product Code: PDIPD158-4


Precision Devices PD.1550 - 15" 600W 16 Ohm
SPL: 99.0dB Fs: 46Hz Xmax: 8.2mm

Precision Devices PD.1550 - 15 inch 600W 16 Ohm - currently in stock2 IN STOCK
Product Code: PDIPD155016


Precision Devices PD.154-4 - 15" 500W 4 Ohm
SPL: 98.0dB Fs: 45Hz Xmax: 7.7mm

Precision Devices PD.154-4 - 15 inch 500W 4 Ohm - currently in stock7 IN STOCK
Product Code: PDIPD154-4


Precision Devices PD.155N01 - 15" 700W 8 Ohm
SPL: 97.6dB Fs: 46Hz Xmax: 10.5mm Neodymium

Precision Devices PD.155N01 - 15 inch 700W 8 Ohm - currently in stock1 IN STOCK
Product Code: PDIPD155N01


Precision Devices PD.1550 - 15" 600W 4 Ohm Loudspeaker
SPL: 99.0dB Fs: 45Hz Xmax: 8.2mm

Precision Devices PD.1550 - 15 inch 600W 4 Ohm Loudspeaker - currently in stock4 IN STOCK
Product Code: PDIPD1550-4


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